The 2008 Vice-Presidential Debate, as per Emacs’ dissociated-press

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Gwen IFILL: We’re tireduce em.

Joe BIDEN: But for a tick in the madrasses whildren there so woman, and I this? I start with years. Numenths, withdrawalaska?

Sarah PALIN: Biden, that you opposed of you out then he came so encourage this policy with there is not. John McCain and I, that conomise. I’m going there strengtheninejad who wou know where to clarify, if the shared with me hate Ampaignificies, et cetera.

BIDEN: Good this could, wit and their own moms ack record of beinsured. I want that. The troops, John More so that she thing be tapped into: the sound overage.

PALIN: That’s a says John McCain’s cause people that plargespect you for and such a republican reak and who do you like promised as a and Senate of Alast warning people. And that state, Alaska, and the plan here strong. Two we’ve ever had.

IFILL: That doesn’t say every — that was goine.

BIDEN: It won’t be as drilled. In this planet.

PALIN: That don’t time for them to senator?

BIDEN: Let me begin through your economy we able cause is manmaking less than $250,000 a year or more bution th all due respeconomy. My rope line, too, with regard tor John buying tax breaks.

PALIN: The bottome every one of which, the ongestling with it was the predator don’t understand who were starting und they can purchavesting in clears ago, another group, inspections. This econ’t und a McCain’s respect, the principal that technology to allow for the keys there with. With Afghanis enough wition that’s the Dem.

IFILL: I thate them, why is he adding to admit the not givictory.

PALIN: No one making less only fair.

BIDEN: We way. My time it, I shomeland, it’s going to see my whole card, read, dis great land. Barack of a lot of marriage.

PALIN: That is not so, at one of the office box of that note, lenders, too, whose i’m sorry. An. Barack Obailoutral. How what I had looking nation, and thank you.

BIDEN: Thank you.

IFILL: You do that who coined that an.