03:56:18 alerante: so sleeping is off the table, it seems
04:00:09 jo52e7aar: too difficult?
04:00:21 alerante: just not tired at the moment, I think
04:00:38 alerante: I went out about an hour ago and bought something to eat from a nearby 7-Eleven
04:00:56 jo52e7aar: nice.
04:01:00 jo52e7aar: how was it there?
04:01:07 jo52e7aar: similar to a 7-11 in the states?
04:01:36 jo52e7aar: and what did you buy, and what was the cost?
04:01:44 jo52e7aar: and why isn’t this in your singalog yet
04:01:48 jo52e7aar: SO MANY QUESTIONS
04:01:57 alerante: I mean, it’s a typical Asian convenience store, nothing to write home about
04:02:14 alerante: I think the critical part is that I can go out at three in the morning and not die